Its time

19 May

I had been very focused on my financial goals.  Nothing wrong with that but I have other goals too.  I kept trying to track etc figuring out that it doesn’t really work for me.

So I took the book I use for finances and changed everything around to apply to fitness.  Now I have a road map which is good.  Although I haven’t lost weight my belly seems to be shrinking.  I’ll need to measure it after this week to see if it has indeed gone down.

It feels nice to switch tracks a bit and start making guided efforts to where I’d like to be physically.  My health is very important and at this point it has to be put first.  I get winded walking up stairs even.

I’m very happy I haven’t gained weight but now that I am shifting my main focus things should be ramping up and I should start feeling better again like I used to when I was fit.  There are still many days left in May to hit the lose the belly goal.  I am excited at the prospect of it not poking out of shirts anymore. 🙂  I feel great.  I should be back here in a week a pound thinner and much stronger physically.


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