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Eyes on the prize

2 May

I have had a downward trend in weight.  I am now 3 pounds lighter than I was when this started and I haven’t seen the inside of a gym yet.  My personal goal for May in the fitness arena is to “tame the tummy.”

I’d like to be 2 inches smaller in the mid section.  I have to go to the gym and or exercise in order to make that happen.  With a lot of stress lifted from me in the financial department it might be easier now.  I need to have a routine to successfully accomplish all my goals and they are starting to seem more intertwined for the first time in a while.

Just this small commitment to eating better resulted not only in weight loss but it made my outlook more positive.  I take a daily walk by myself now a days.  It might just be to the mail box but its totally personal time to regroup and focus.  A little non expensive or calorie laden break from the madness of my day.  I am hoping that cultivating this habit has meant that I can now pick a time and stick to it.

I need to focus.  I need to finish up my job assignment right and I want to see even more results in my weight loss.  It’s been nice to have a positive outlook again.  To have a yearning to get up and move around.  I hope things continue this way for me.  But for now I’m just going to focus on the positive and keep moving in that direction!


I have been very busy

24 Apr

Busy helping everyone other than myself aside from working to make sure I have enough money to stay on track in my financial plans.  Good news is I have finally dipped below the weight I started at and I have made it a habit to evaluate food choices before I put something in my month.

The menu habit is sticking too.  It’s been nice.  I am happy that somethings have stayed on track.  I am not so happy about some other things staying on track though.  Like the constant not going to the gym.  Right now I am sitting here starving.  I made out a plan though I could go to the gym now walk on the treadmill for 30 mins and be home in time for my scheduled appointment.  But then I think oh no the dogs need to go out and I need to eat.  My mind says “Yes but you set a goal and even though you are losing weight, you are not exercising and not using the gym membership that you are paying for which is setting you further back from your financial goals.”  Then the argument continues and I still sit here running out the clock.

I’m tired of running out the clock.  I am now a little less than a year away from when I want to achieve my goal weight and 5 month from my mini goal.  Something has to give.

Yes I have had medical issues.  Yes I’ve had a bit of success with my eating program but if I want to see real results and not feel so icky on a regular basis I need to make this happen.  I’m tired of telling myself why I can’t do things and need to let myself make these plans and really follow through on them as well.  NO more.  If I just keep sitting here I am going to keep have menial results.  I can’t achieve what I want to in this span of time without the exercise to.  It’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

Slow Start

10 Apr

This week my husband had surgery.  I had tried to plan everything out so things could keep running in the meantime but it didn’t quite work out. Good news: Lost the pound I gained last week Bad news: Still didn’t make time for exercise, have had constant cramps all week, work stress is not helping New Plan: Work out before the work day starts.  It’s the most relaxing.  Right before work is a good idea and my schedule is such that I can make it happen. My food diary is laying there unwritten in for the past two days, the sink is a mess, the kitchen is a mess and I am sick of take out food.  But I am not giving up.  Just because things are difficult doesn’t mean I should stop trying.  I am ecstatic that I have kept up the maintenance and still fit in size 10 jeans.  My 12’s have been tossed it feels amazing and a validation that I have been doing at least half of the puzzle correctly.  If I make it to one exercise session at all I would be so pleased.  Right now I can feel myself falling asleep at the keyboard. If I get up tomorrow morning and go it would be great as I need to get a lot of work done in the morning and this would unfog my head.  My gym bag is packed and all is in order.  Now I just need to ask myself what is more important and extra hour of sleep or an work out session in my food planner? Thank you all who have paid attention so far.  Knowing that people are out there gives me a reason to stay on the path and not surrender.  Not even when I get to my goal.  It’s a lifestyle that I seem to be able to maintain on the food side now I just need to make exercise a habit instead of a thought!


28 Mar

I ended the month -1 despite all the craziness.  In a forum I somewhat actively participate in they are doing a bikini challenge so I have pledged to lose weight by mid summer.  That would be an amazing goal to accomplish.

I have a very rare day off today.  I will be lounging around doing small projects that are necessary and in the afternoon I will finally be dragging my behind to the gym so that I can stay on track for meeting my goal.  I am confident that if I could ride out such an insane month with any loss at all that I am strong enough to keep going in the right direction and stay there.

I will also poke around my recipes so I can have another at home eating week like this one was.  Even though it was hard work it totally paid off.  I felt full and satisfied and the scale kept moving in the correct direction.

Here’s to another week of good food and satisfying work outs.