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Slow Start

10 Apr

This week my husband had surgery.  I had tried to plan everything out so things could keep running in the meantime but it didn’t quite work out. Good news: Lost the pound I gained last week Bad news: Still didn’t make time for exercise, have had constant cramps all week, work stress is not helping New Plan: Work out before the work day starts.  It’s the most relaxing.  Right before work is a good idea and my schedule is such that I can make it happen. My food diary is laying there unwritten in for the past two days, the sink is a mess, the kitchen is a mess and I am sick of take out food.  But I am not giving up.  Just because things are difficult doesn’t mean I should stop trying.  I am ecstatic that I have kept up the maintenance and still fit in size 10 jeans.  My 12’s have been tossed it feels amazing and a validation that I have been doing at least half of the puzzle correctly.  If I make it to one exercise session at all I would be so pleased.  Right now I can feel myself falling asleep at the keyboard. If I get up tomorrow morning and go it would be great as I need to get a lot of work done in the morning and this would unfog my head.  My gym bag is packed and all is in order.  Now I just need to ask myself what is more important and extra hour of sleep or an work out session in my food planner? Thank you all who have paid attention so far.  Knowing that people are out there gives me a reason to stay on the path and not surrender.  Not even when I get to my goal.  It’s a lifestyle that I seem to be able to maintain on the food side now I just need to make exercise a habit instead of a thought!